Every person has a biosphere or aura. It is always around us and can be seen on certain occasions. From the biosphere it is possible to read everything about a person, including human illnesses. A person, who has this ability, is able to make diagnosis and treat other people’s diseases. Usually these people are called witches, but these qualities can be easily developed. However, a witch or clairvoyant with inborn qualities will always be more effective in diagnosis and healing.

Balancing the aura.

Usually the meeting with a witch or a healer starts with a diagnosis from their side. Depending on the healer it takes place by viewing the human’s aura, mostly however by the touching of hands, finding the energy blocks and the points of the negative energy.

As a next step the healer tries to open the meridians in the human’s body. Here the methods of work depend of the healer. Often it is enough to unseal the meridians to make a person feel better. Only after this the healer starts to check the chakras or the soul lamps. Usually the healer does not mention the disorders but tries to remove them immediately. There too the technique is individual, the most common are circles above the chancre made with one or both hands. Only now the healer will move to balancing the biosphere without taking a pause. The last two points can be worked through repeatedly and by using different techniques.

One of the greatest mistakes that the healers’ visitors make, is that when they are feeling better or, as can happen in the beginning – get worse, the treatment is stopped. When the work is not finished, the illness gets worse and the consequences can be very dangerous.

Besides that there are meridians or energy channels in us, which function the same as blood. Only blood is visible, energy is not. Still, there are clairvoyants, who are able to see movements of energy in our body. At different times it has had different names: in China “tcii”, in Japan “ki” and in India, the “prana”. This energy must be kept in balance. Every slightest deviation results in illness. Clairvoyants always try to restore balance in those fields of energy.

People and all the living creatures have so-called soul lamps or simple energy swirls. They are also named differently by different nations. The most common name is “tsakra” which originates from India. In chakras there are small energy swirls in constant movement, of which every one supplies a specific part of the body or organ. Many clairvoyants can see the chancres, but they can also be felt by hand or measure by pendulum. As in meridians, the energy must be strictly balanced every deviation results in some illness. The small energy swirls are called petals. Depending on the chancre there can be several (for example there are about 1000 above the head).

Every person is constantly exchanging energy with the Earth and all around us. When this connection is broken for some reason, there is a disorder in the chancre or the meridians, which results in illness. There are however people who have lost that connection, but they do not get ill. These people use other people’s or animal’s energy to live by. These people are called the “energy vampires“. Their prolonged presence can even cause the victims death. When the victim goes to a witch, the witch cuts the energy line between them and restores the victim’s normal energy. 

The vampires are among us and there can be two kinds of them.

The Quiet Vampires are people who usually have some disease and cannot deal with their difficulties. They sit among other people with a quiet pleading behavior as if asking for something. The so called Quiet Vampire’s presence is tiresome and after being with them for some time you feel tired – they have got their dose of energy and leave, full of joy. In this situation it is enough to cross your legs and hands and the vampire is forced to leave empty-handed. If you show your crossed hands to the vampire, he has got his answer: he is facing a stronger opponent and he will not make another attempt.

The second sort of vampires are persons who posses extensive knowledge – trying to make you angry. With the outburst of hate your defense system is weakened and it is easy for him to break through it – he clasps at some of your chakras and will now suck the energy into himself Leaving the city or state will not save you anymore. Between you and him there are thin energy lines, which will not break, and through which he will continue his work of destruction. Many clairvoyants can see these energy lines. By breaking them they save the victims from the hungry offender. When it has happened, the vampire tries to re-connect with the victim. If you are not able to control your emotions, the situation will soon be the same – you will be feeling tired again.

Nowadays many interesting books are on sale, among them “The Handbook on Black Magic”. It should be mentioned that people with an extremely low stage of development have been starting to use it for their own interests. Black magic operates in the subconsciousness of an ordinary person and results in serious nervous diseases, which are not yet treatable with contemporary medicine. It would be easier to remove the spell with magic and a person’s normal state will be restored. It is not an easy task, of course.

Many clairvoyants master the skill of travelling in time, thanks to which they can predict the future and see, what has been done wrong in the past or what is causing the disease. Predicting the future with the help of the Tarot cards is also looking into the future, where the clairvoyant or the fortune-teller has contact with the cards and can understand the language of the pictures.

A clairvoyant has said that the spine is the key to a person. One must agree, everyone should look in the medical atlas to see how the nerves start from the spine and extend all over the body. The spinal cord is also situated in the spine. If a person has incomprehensible pains in their hands or feet, migraines and other symptoms like this, it would be wise to check the condition of the spine. In the spine runs one of the most important energy channels in human body sushumna and if this channel is blocked somewhere, the overall condition cannot be very good. This channel withholds the beginnings of all chakras, which are in constant circulation with environment. As a clairvoyant I recommend you check the condition of your spine at least once a year. Then it is possible to prevent bigger problems.