Help for companies / Personnel Selection

Employers who are having doubts about the correctness of CV-s may turn to a clairvoyant to select the best staff for them.

  • The most common questions are about a person’s honesty, dutifulness, work experience, faults etc.
  • The neccessary information for making an analysis are the names and birth dates of the employees and a few words about what would need to be checked. The CV-s of the employees should be added with the letter.

Customer review:
Tiit has been helping me with finding personnel for several years now. It is possible to get an overview of the applicants’ previous activities from CV-s .Interviews give a little more insight into the nature of the candidate, their behavior and communication skills. Still, with interviews and tests many so called softer values remain undiscovered and this is the area where Tiit has been very helpful. A seemingly suitable candidate has often turned out to be unsuitable. It would have, however, been very difficult to find out with a test or interview. Believe me, I have sometimes stayed true to my own opinion and ignored his warnings. Unfortunately the feared flaws have still appeared after some time and I have been forced to admit afterwards that I should have listened in the beginning. I have still not completely understood how he does it but for me the important part is the result and until this day his evaluations have been accurate.”