Who is Tiit?

Tiit is clairvoyant-witch.

I was born 13.08.1960, under the sign of Leo in the year of the Rat (metal rat). As a child I lived in Tallinn, attended the 22nd High school in Kevade Street. In 1976 after failing vocational school I went to work at the “Keila” factory as an assistant worker. In the 80-s. I left the city and went to live in the country. There I made my first weak attempts at gaining some knowledge in the field of clairvoyance.

Then I had a break of 2-3 years and started my quest in this area again. I went to Nikolai Vassiltsov`s courses “Healing with Bioenergy”. After that I treated people on the side of my job as electrician. When Viktor Mihhailovits Kandyba came to Tallinn, I attended his courses too and from that time I have concentrated only on treating people.

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