Questions and answers

  1. What kind of problems are you usually approached with?

With my years of experience I can place the problems of people who have turned to me as a clairvoyant in following sequence:

  • In the first place there are headaches and over-exhaustion. Usually they are caused by subsidence of the cervical vertebra or the maxillary. Both problems are completely curable.
  • The second are pains in the hands or feet. The problem is usually the same and also easily curable by using manual therapy. Older people sometimes have salt accumulation between vertebra, which requires more attention, but the problem can be fully removed.
  • The third are all different forms of radiculitis. They are also treated with manual therapy.
  • The next category is now structured or varicose veins. This defect requires much more attention, but is also curable.
  • The next is inflammation of the prostate and everything concerning it. With herbal teas and manual therapy this illness can be cured and needs no operation.
  • Now the preference should be given to women or to women’s diseases. If one is not dealing with a tumour, the disease can be cured easily. Treating tumours is more difficult. It takes a lot of time and usually the patients disappear from sight before the treatment ends.
  • From here on all the other emergencies are all together, so the sequence is mixed up, but one of the worst reasons for approaching is – the curse and this on a simple reason – you cannot detect it so easily yourself.

Until now I have been enumerating the reasons that can be removed easily or with some effort. People with appendicitis or ovary congestion have been sent to the surgeon immediately They may burst and then the medical aid might come too late. Naturally it would be excellent if a patient  has seen a medical specialist and it would be ideal, if the treatment was simultaneous.

2. How to find a healer?

  • Usually a person happens to find a healer who suits them and so there no recommendations should be given. Unfortunately there are also “clairvoyants” who have no appropriate knowledge and claim to be in the field. At this point it should be remembered that a clairvoyant is only a intermediary between the ancient healing energy and the person. In everyday life he is also a completely normal person who has his own good and bad characteristic features. A person who announces his gigantic energy field is either a dilettante or a complete beginner.
  • It must also taken under consideration that a real clairvoyant should not give you a diagnosis. This right should be left to doctors. A real clairvoyant does not forbid you to visit a doctor but recommends it and stands up for checks from both sides.
  • If you have come to such a person you should listen to your inner voice , which tells you whether this clairvoyant is being pleasant to you and only in that case can you hope that he can help you

3. How do you make the diagnosis and how do you heal it?

To detect a persons illness by clairvoyance I use three variants:

  1. A person is either standing or sitting. My more sensitive hand (left) starts to move slowly over the surface of his ethereal body, at the same time I try to feel all the peculiarities under my hand. In some places I feel stinging, in some warmth, in some places cold too. Sometimes I feel as if my hand is moving through thick water. All these peculiarities must surely be remembered and according to these changes it is possible to understand what is happening in the persons body. Unfortunately on many occasions I cannot tell what disease is troubling the person, I just verify the sick place or organ.
  2. As a second variant I use a human photo and the condition is that the mouth and eyes should be clearly seen on that photo. In that case I look at the photo until the eyes and mouth revive before my eyes. Now the contact has been made and the rest of the diagnosis takes place as mentioned before, only in my mind.
  3. The next variant is to use the exact name and place of birth. By self-relaxation and calling the name I have a contact with the human spiritual body and by concentrating on his phantom image I get to know the reason for his disease.

There are  several ways of treatment:

  1. The methods of manual therapy, through the aid of which the subsidence places on the spine are opened.
  2. The second method is the so-called contactless massage, which is also called “wind-waving. With the help of different methods the human ethereal body is smoothed. With this method the polluted energy is drawn out from a persons body and smoothed sleek again.

It is pointless to describe all the different methods that would take too much time. This work can be also done from a distance and easier problems can be eliminated that way.

4. Do you treat heart diseases, which? Is there a danger that for example the patient suffering from a heart disease gets hurt and the condition gets worse?

If we are dealing with some kind of heart disease it would be ideal if it could be controlled by doctors and appropriate analysis made. In this case I also look the patient over. Usually it happens that a person has some kind of stress not at all related to the heart. 

Mainly the same disorders are caused by a block in the neck, maxillary , throat, thyroid gland, and kidneys. Naturally there can be other reasons.

Unfortunately I must remind you that a medical specialist can make the diagnosis (the correct term). Concerning this I cannot reveal which heart diseases I have treated. My answer is straight: I have treated the heart as such.

Unfortunately the patient’s condition gets worse at the beginning of the treatment. In this case the most stupid thing to do is not to tell this to me and just disappear. By warning your healer that the condition has become worse you give your healer a chance to check your condition and if needed, to change the approach.

Until now none of my patients have had negative results. This is only on condition that the patient has not been using alcohol during the prohibited period of time. I remind you: the treatment of the heart is very long-term and you should have patience.

5. Many men have problem with baldness. What is your opinion about genetical baldness? Is it treatable, is it possible to restore hair growth?

Usually this disease is caused by the kidneys, which for some reason is not capable of functioning correctly and there are substances transferred into the blood that would normally be sent out of the body with urine. Now the blood brings these substances to the surface of the skin, this is usually accompanied by a large amount of dandruff, which cannot be washed out even with the best shampoos. Only the weak condition of the kidneys can be inherited.

Usually it is enough to heal the kidneys to stop the loss of hair and if the illness has not gone too far, the hair growth is also restored. So I can say I have been treating and I treat baldness.

6. Is the statement that there are very few people in the world who are completely healthy, true? Can one claim that every person should visit a clairvoyant from time to time at least to control his condition?

We live in modern times and we have a tremendous amount of technical assistance which at the same time however affects our health. The automobile is one of the main causes of radiculitis, it also “helps” to cause inflammation of the prostate in men. The computer helps at work and is a good “help” causing the neck radiculitis. There are also many foodstuffs that contain enough substances that our body does not like.

Technical equipment helps us and destroys us slowly, too. It would be very wise to visit a doctor a couple of times a year, it would be good to visit a clairvoyant, too. If the healer discovers something then it can be cured quickly. If you let the illness go further, the treatment can take a very long time.

7. What is energy-vampirism?

The symptoms of energy-vampirism can be easily recognized, but they can also be confused with these of a disease. The first symptoms are usually fatigue and weakness where the symptoms haven’t occurred before, the victim is not able to rest at night and does not sleep well. The victim can have dreams of running away from somebody they cannot escape from. The victim can also develop anxiety and will not feel reposed in the morning. During daytime the victim will feel as if they don’t have the strength to do anything, they often feel like giving up, the need for more sleep, yet they wake up still feeling tired. The feeling is less obvious when the person is in the shower or in the water, which can be explained with the fact that water acts as a protective shield that won’t allow the energy-vampire to suck energy from the victim.

Since the energy-vampire usually strikes the weakest and, at the same time, also the richest point for energy- the solar plexus, unexplainable stomach problems can occur. The victim is able to recognize the vampire sucking their energy, especially at night. The energy-vampire reveals himself in the victim’s nightmares and the victim will recognize him, the vampire can also be the one chasing the victim in their dreams. In this case you should make a cross, using your right, hand between yourself and that person. If the person is an energy-vampire he will back off and not bother you again, any time soon.

If you happen to meet the person you recognize from your dreams, you should cross your hands and legs, seeing that they are crossed in the same way i.e. if the left hand is on top, then the left leg should also be. By doing this you “close” yourself for that person and they will know that you are protected from them and that you don’t fear them. After noticing the symptoms you should visit a clairvoyant who will make sure that the connection built by the energy-vampire is, indeed, broken, and if not, cut it through. But you must understand, that if a vampire has already sucked himself to a victim’s energy-system he will draw energy during the victim’s entire life. Only death will free the victim from their tormentor.

Sometimes people think that if they travel somewhere far, the vampire will not be able to catch them. That is a big mistake. Once the connection has been established the distance between the vampire and his victim will not matter anymore. The victim could be on the other side of the earth, still the connection will remain. The thin thread must always be cut and the victim be taught what to do, if he should meet the vampire, who has already attacked them, again.

Question: After every time I meet a close family member, I feel empty and unable to do anything. As soon as he catches my attention , even for a short second, my mood changes, as do my power resources.Or so it seems.At the same time I can’t help thinking that it’s me, that I get angry or something… It’s very difficult to blame people who are close to you for stealing your strenght, if you are not sure of such things. The person I’m talking about wants to stay in contact with me every day.For instance he wants me to call him every day. How can figure out what is going on and how should I act?

Answer: Now the question is more precise and I can give a more precise answer.It would be best if you could meet the person and show them your crossed hands, or even better, your crossed fingers across the table. If they look away from your hands it is a good time to visit a clairvoyant who will free you from them. The person always trying to be in touch with you is also one of the symptoms so you should ask for their mood and health after you’ve missed a day. To be safe, don’t ask them yourself and let somebody else do it.If you find out they are feeling unwell after they haven’t seen you for a while it is a sure sign they are using your energy for their own good. It is also possible, that a vampire sucks energy from many different people and if they can’t get it from you they will draw energy from somebody else.In that case observing the days you have no contact will not give the desired results.

Question: can a clairvoyant see a person’s energy being taken. Can a clairvoyant identify the vampire? How exactly is a clairvoyant able to help?

Answer: Looking at a person, a clairvoyant can see an unexplainable loss of energy. They will try to figure out where it is disappearing and they should also be able to tell you that, together with your tormentor’s name or at least be able to describe the person). An energy-vampire usually picks only one person to suck energy from and only when the victim has escaped or died he will start looking for a new one..

A clairvoyant sees the loss of energy as a yellow thread or can feel it with his hand. The hand would feel as if put in running water and the feeling won’t disappear even if the clairvoyant steps away from the victim. The help the clairvoyant can provide is making a sword with his own energy and cutting through the thread connecting the vampire with his victim. The clairvoyant will also make sure that the end of the thread will not hook back up with the victim again. He will also place protection on the damaged chakra, which will allow the person to start recovering.

8. I turn to you with a problem: my wife has had a relationship with a gentleman over the internet for over a month… She has become a whole different person since then: she has completely gone inside herself and keeps talking about a new view of the world the gentleman has presented her with. And she is even physically drawn to that person. I would like to know if it is possible to influence someone physically over the internet(my wife hasn’t met him face to face).

It is a widely used way to destroy other peoples personal lives, using black magic to affect the victim.The way the victim thinks starts to depend on the person who is working upon the victim and so the victim becomes unstable.

Different methods can be used to achieve this effect, I will explain some of them, maybe you recognise one and then you will have an idea of how to react.

  1. the victim can be sent music or picture files wich are already cursed. The person listening to it will unwillingly fall under the spell and be subject to the affect of the spell.
  2. The effect of a “phantom figure” can be used, in this case, the black magician can take advantage of the innocent victim’s trust.Knowing the victim’s name and time of birth a phantom figure of the victim can be made and influenced as needed. It is also possible to influence a person via internet, in this case the victim can be weirdly happy when meeting their torturer, not being able to understand what is really happening.
  3. As the last option, first indirect methods can be used and then they can be “sealed” when meeting the unknowing victim.The victim will then be inevitably lost.

I suggest, if you already have such suspicions, you should go to a impartial clairvoyant or witch, have the person examined and all influences hacked off at once. The more a person is under the influence the more the person influencing them is able to eat his way into the victim’s lymph vessels that ,in a way, carry information. And the more difficult it will be to get them out and the more painful it will be if done later.

9. Have you had experience of people practicing black magic cursing a mans house from a distance sending incantations that are supposed to influence the victim’s feelings, health, economic state etc.? If so could you please describe some of them?

Unfortunately I have experienced many such cases and usually it is businesspartners using the method to find a woman or a lover.

Here are two examples:

  1. In the first case , two people in a small town, ran a quite successful business together. Everything was fine until one of them decided to check his finances and discovered that he had been deceived. He immediately started a new business but unfortunately the other half didn’t like that and paid a black magician to start working. At first the victim didn’t suspect anything, just the business wasn’t going very well. Then strange things started happening. Children started getting strange diseases that were almost identical, bones were broken and the businessman felt as if he was carrying a heavy load on his back at all times. It had been a case of black magic and after a long cleansing on the house and the people the effects of the magic have finally stopped.
  2. A man came to me with a strange question, he said that his wife wasn’t being herself , was talking all kinds of strange things and wasn’t being as open and honest as before. While looking at it I discovered that she had been sent a case of black magic over internet files that were to destroy her family and lead her to a new man. We got rid of that spell and now the family is functioning normally again.

10. Does a person need special powers to practice black magic or can you learn it by practicing?

Black magic can be learned like any other lesson and you don’t need any kind of special powers in order to practice magic. People take themselves to a state of trance, where they are able to do deeds, by reading spells. Unfortunately only bad deeds and many fall into extasy while doing it and can’t remember later what they were doing. Unfortunately it means sending to work something evil witch will with no doubt return to us later, with supplements.

11. Can you describe different ways of purifying a person or their home of a curse?

The most common way of purifying a place or a person of magic is and always will be the power of words and fire, of course. It is very important that the person coming to purify another man or a house are of higher stage of development, since the first spell was cast with the power of evil it can only be removed with the power of love. Firstly, the witch will develop a loving feeling towards the habitants of the house or the person, only then will he start with rituals and magic.

After that the magician will usually carry a candle through every door and window in the house, not missing a single hole. Then, depending on the religion, the magician will usually leave a certain mark on the spot. Having walked through the entire house they will leave the candle burning, until it
burns to its end.

It is more difficult to purify a human being as a black magician usually places his execration to a place , where it can’t be shaken off that easily. For a human being it is usually the lymph vessels. In that case it depends on how long the curse has been there and how deep it has managed to crawl. At most times the hacking method is used, the hand is concieved as a burning hot sword and the chain is slashed with the sword.

And now the last possible way of a black magicians work.If a technique such as voodoo has been used, it will take a lot of hard work and the doll has to be found.

Some of the things that may have been used:

  1. a dead frog with its mouth sewn upõmmeldud
  2. a doll that usually has someone’s name written on its belly
  3. a strange , piece of cloth that seems insignificant or a small bundle of yarn(usually red and woollen)
  4. you sense a weird sweaty smell in your house, it can smell like a sweaty animal, in short if your home smells like an animal

If you have noticed any of such things at home it is wise to call for someone who has experience in this field and have the place purified. It would be good if they could also place a magical protection on the house, that will repel any direct attack. It is also wise to have an amulet made to protect your home.

12. I bought a peacock-feather printed skirt and a friend told me it was bad luck to even keep a peacock’s feather at home… She said she had one at home when her brother died and that she got rid of it immediately after. Is it true? Do I have to cut it up and burn it?

Peacock-feather prints do not bring bad luck. It depends entirely on you, if you keep thinking to yourself that it will bring you bad luck, then after a while it definitely will. If you think of it as your friend it will not do you any harm. Bad things will happen, however, if you wear a sick person’s clothes, especially dangerous are those of someone who has got cancer. Cancer will leave its bad energy on the things the victim is using and the energy will slowly transform on to the next person putting on the clothes or the shoes. Sleeping in a sick person’s bed is extremely dangerous since we don’t have the protective shield on at night that we do during the day, so the risk to fall ill is bigger during the night. Such items should, indeed, be burned. The power of all the rest of the marks and symbols always depend on how and why they are worn…

13. I met a man who turned out to be insane. He has done a lot of drugs in order to “become wise” , had an “experience” and went crazy. He spent some time in a mental institution too. He now thinks he knows everything about God, the future and love. He was diagnosed with psychosis and losing the sense of reality. He has been sending me letters and the situation has become unbearable : he believes that what he thinks becomes reality and that I am the one who’s “meant for him” . He says I shouldn’t even try to resist because it is going to happen anyway and nobody can change that etc. He is absolutely sure that I’m his soulmate and that we are going to get married and have a happy life. I wrote and asked him to leave us all alone but every answer only makes him more enthusiastic.
His friends tell me he doesn’t do to anything else or talk to anyone else , that I’m his only obsession and he lives for this dream. Please tell me what I can do to save myself from the negative effects from his crazy obsession!

Take some coarse salt in your right hand and sit yourself down somewhere quiet. Close your eyes and imagine that person coming to you. Ask him to leave and with the words “and so you disappear from my life” throw the salt after him. Now make yourself feel he really did leave. Open your eyes and be calm. So it should then happen.

14. I’m worried… There are moments at night and early in the morning when I’m awake but: cannot move, I cannot make a sound, I can’t find the air to breathe. I feel like dying…any moment…in 2 seconds…I’m 100% sure of it…but then I try to pull all my strength together and make any kind of noise so that someone could hear me… so that someone would shake me… It is horrifying. I’m X years old and I don’t want to die yet…There are periods of time when I’m afraid of going to sleep. Am I crazy? What is happening to me? Is it possible to put an end to the horror?

The answer is quite simple. What’s torturing you is really a nightmare or biovampire as they are now called. Luckily biovampires do not bring death or if they do they must have been on you for many years. To get rid of it you must turn to a clairvoyant or a healer who will put an end to your horror. The procedure itself really only takes a couple of minutes and you will again be free from your problem.