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How to find a healer?

Usually a person happens to find a healer who suits them and so there no recommendations should be given. Unfortunately there are also "clairvoyants" who have no appropriate knowledge and claim to be ... »»»
What kind of problems are you usually approached with?

With my years of experience I can place the problems of people who have turned to me as a clairvoyant in following sequence:In the first place there are headaches and over-exhaustion. Usually they are ... »»»
Where in the internet can one get more information about witchcraft?

It would be good to start from the address and to move on with the help of references and the material. ... »»»
How do you make the diagnosis and how do you heal it?

To detect a persons illness by clairvoyance I use three variants: A person is either standing or sitting. My more sensitive hand (left) starts to move slowly over the surface of his ethereal body, at ... »»»
Do you treat heart diseases, which? Is there a danger that for example the patient suffering from a heart disease gets hurt and the condition gets worse?

If we are dealing with some kind of heart disease it would be ideal if it could be controlled by doctors and appropriate analysis made. In this case I also look the patient over. Usually it happens th ... »»»
Many men have problems concerning baldness or “bald forehead”. What is your version on the inheritable baldness, is it possible to treat, stop, renew the hairgrowth?

Usually this disease is caused by the kidneys, which for some reason is not capable of functioning correctly and there are substances transferred into the blood that would normally be sent out of the ... »»»
Is the statement that there are very few people in the world who are completely healthy, true? ...

Can one claim that every person should visit a clairvoyant from time to time at least to control his condition? We live in modern times and we have a tremendous amount of technical assistance which at ... »»»
What is energy-vampirism?

The symptoms of energy-vampirism can be easily recognised, but they can also be confused with these of a disease. The first symptoms are usually fatigue and weakness where the symptoms haven’t occurre ... »»»
I turn to you with a problem: my wife has had a relationship with a gentleman over the internet for over a month...

She has become a whole different person since then: she has completely gone inside herself and keeps talking about a new view of the world the gentleman has presented her with.And she is even physical ... »»»
Have you had experience of people practicing black magic cursing a mans house from a distance...

sending incantations that are supposed to influence the victim’s feelings, health, economic state etc.?If so could you please describe some of them?Unfortunately I have experienced many such cases and ... »»»
Does a person need special powers to practise black magic or can you learn it by practising?

Black magic can be learned like any other lesson and you don't need any kind of special powers in order to practise magic. People take themselves to a state of trance, where they are able to do deeds, ... »»»
Can you describe different ways of purifying a person or their home of a curse?

The most common way of purifying a place or a person of magic is and always will be the power of words and fire, of course. It is very important that the person coming to purify another man or a house ... »»»
I bought a peacock-feather printed skirt and a friend told me it was bad luck to even keep a peacock's feather at home...

She said she had one at home when her broather died and that she got rid of it immediately after. Is it true? Do I have to cut it up and burn it?Ostrich-feather prints do not bring bad luck. It depend ... »»»
I met a man who turned out to be insane...

Hes done a lot of drugs in order to “become wise” , had an “experience” and went crazy. He spent some time in a mental institution too. He now thinks he knows everything about God, the future and love ... »»»
I'm worried ... There are moments at night and early in the morning when I'm awake but: cannot move, I cannot make a sound, I can't find the air to breathe...

I feel like dying...any 2 seconds...I’m 100% sure of it...but then I try to pull all my strenght together and make any kind of noise so that someone could hear me ... so that someone would ... »»»