What kind of problems are you usually approached with? Back
With my years of experience I can place the problems of people who have turned to me as a clairvoyant in following sequence:
  • In the first place there are headaches and over-exhaustion. Usually they are caused by subsidence of the cervical vertebra or the maxillary. Both problems are completely curable.
  • The second are pains in the hands or feet. The problem is usually the same and also easily curable by using manual therapy. Older people sometimes have salt accumulation between vertebra, which requires more attention, but the problem can be fully removed.
  • The third are all different forms of radiculitis. They are also treated with manual therapy.
  • The next category is now structured or varicose veins. This defect requires much more attention, but is also curable.
  • The next is inflammation of the prostate and everything concerning it. With herbal teas and manual therapy this illness can be cured and needs no operation.
  • Now the preference should be given to women or to women’s diseases. If one is not dealing with a tumour, the disease can be cured easily. Treating tumours is more difficult. It takes a lot of time and usually the patients disappear from sight before the treatment ends.
  • From here on all the other emergencies are all together, so the sequence is mixed up, but one of the worst reasons for approaching is - the curse and this on a simple reason – you cannot detect it so easily yourself.
Until now I have been enumerating the reasons that can be removed easily or with some effort. People with appendicitis or ovary congestion have been sent to the surgeon immediately They may burst and then the medical aid might come too late. Naturally it would be excellent if a patient  has seen a medical specialist and it would be ideal, if the treatment was simultaneous.